Why Did I Become An English Major?

It is simple to carry on a conversation with someone while conceptualizing a mental cartoon of your story or explaining directions clear enough that it can command one through the rigorous mountains of life. Many find it strenuous to strategically place their words on paper, reconstructing their conversation into a unit of language that agrees with proper grammar usage and punctuation.

I became an English major because I am blessed with the contrary.

I am a good writer, but I also have a God-given talent for writing. Good writing is clear. Talented writing is bold and energetic. One must have the talent to write in fiction, and that is why I chose written composition to lead me down the chosen path set for my life.

 A lively imagination and a pun for puns have granted me the privilege to speak on my ambitions as an aspiring writer. Success is the driver of my passion; security in my career is the passenger.

I always knew I was creative and loved to talk, but I never knew where my talents would take me. I came to Albany State in the fall semester of 2014, majoring in Business Management. That was nowhere near what I was interested in, but I knew I needed to fly away from the home nest and explore what life had in store for me. Independence was conquered once I went away for college. My intuition was heightened the second I stepped foot on ASU soil. My potential was realized when I began to acknowledge my gift for imaginatively using my words. English 1101 was a brewing ground for potential English majors. I shortly realized that I was destined to become one of them.

As an English Major, I have been graced with the opportunities to spawn and grow; to sharpen every pencil in my toolbox; to learn better so I can do better. Keys for Writers has become my Grammar-Bible. Birthing paragraphs and delivering high-rise GPA papers have become the bait to the fishing rod awaiting a degree to swim its way. I am grateful for every worthy experience, disappointing feedback, and distracting life events that have molded me into the collegiate student I am today. That is why I chose Albany State University. That is why I became an English major.

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